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January 9, 2006

Roskamp Institute Receives Congressional Award of $1.8 Million from the Department of Defense to Establish a Neuroproteomics Center

Bradenton, Florida - The Roskamp Institute, with significant support from Rep. C.W. Bill Young (R-FL), Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL), and Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL), is pleased to announce that its research scientists have received $1.8 million from the Department of Defense to establish a Neuroproteomics Center at the Roskamp Institute.

The Neuroproteomics Center is designed to speed the development of advances in neurobiology by supporting advanced and translational genomic and proteomic research projects. This funding will result in significant applied research into diagnostics and therapeutics that are safe and effective for the treatment of neurological disorders caused by multiple sources ranging from head trauma to Alzheimer's disease. It will also enhance our nations ability to deal effectively with traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases of military personnel and veterans.

"The leadership and support of Rep. Bill Young, Rep. Katherine Harris, and Sen. Mel Martinez were key to being recognized by the Congress through this award. It serves to further validate the work being done by the Institute to conquer the devastating effects caused by traumatic brain injuries and other related neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease," said Bob Roskamp, founder of the Roskamp Institute. "Without the support of our Florida congressional delegation, this award would not have been possible, and we thank each and every member for their support and for their service to the citizens of this community."

The Roskamp team that will lead this project are Dr. Michael Mullan and Dr. Fiona Crawford. Doctors Mullan and Crawford's prior work also led to the discovery of the gene associated with early onset Alzheimer's Disease.

The Roskamp Institute is devoted to understanding the causes and finding cures for diseases of the mind. The Institute has devised a broad range of scientific approaches to understanding the causes of and potential therapies for these disorders with an emphasis on Alzheimers disease. The Institute was founded by the philanthropic vision of Robert and Diane Roskamp of Sarasota, FL.

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