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The History of the Roskamp Institute

The Roskamp Institute, the world renowned research laboratory located in Sarasota, has made important discoveries with profound clinical implications for the millions of Americans with neurologic disorders.

The Roskamp Institute established its research facilities and team of scientists in Sarasota in 2003. At that time the Sarasota-based Roskamp Foundation provided the administrative and organizational structure for the innovative Institute. Now, after only seven years the Institute has become firmly established as a leading body in the international research community with its programs and projects supported by the National Institute of Health, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration and the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme and several other national and international peer reviewed agencies.

In 2010, the Foundation's governing board determined that the growth of the Roskamp Institute could be accommodated by a change in status from a private operating foundation to a public charity with full tax deductible status under the IRS not-for-profit (501[c]3) designation. This autonomy will allow the Institute to continue to build its research program and secure a broader range of grants and charitable gifts to support the development of new drugs and therapies to treat neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease, head trauma, Gulf War Illness, Autism, drug addiction and Tourette's Syndrome.

With this change in structure, the Roskamp Foundation's two principals Bob and Diane Roskamp have made an important gift to the world health community, providing substantial resources to aid the discovery in new drugs and treatments for debilitating diseases of the brain. As part of this gift, all the Foundation's assets previously supporting the Institute including intellectual and real property were given to this new, independent, public charity - the Roskamp Institute, Inc.

'Through the years, Diane and I have been privileged to participate in many wonderful opportunities to make the world a better place. Our passion lies most directly with using our time and resources to find a cure for diseases of the mind. We believe that through the continued and expanded work of the Roskamp Institute, Alzheimer's Disease and many other debilitating disorders of the brain will soon be understood and cured.' - Bob Roskamp

The Roskamp Institute of Sarasota, Florida was established with the goal of becoming a primary international site for leading-edge research on neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease. Today, the Roskamp Institute is recognized as a leader in the global effort to better understand and ultimately cure debilitating diseases of the mind.

The groundwork for the Institute's research programs took place more than two decades ago when Roskamp's two lead researchers: Dr. Michael Mullan, the Institute's director and Dr. Fiona Crawford, its associate director, were part of a pioneering team of British scientists at London University. This group discovered that the onset of Alzheimer's Disease was directly related to the accumulation in the brain of a protein called beta-amyloid. While this protein is produced by every human, the groundbreaking research work of this team discovered that excessive beta-amyloid in the brain will result in the development of Alzheimer's Disease.

In the course of their research, the Institute's scientists discovered that inflammation in the brain is directly associated with many other neurodegenerative disorders. The research team has also made progress in the development of medications and therapeutic treatments that will reduce or slow the toxic accumulation of beta-amyloid and the associated inflammation.

In June 2011 it was announced that an international research consortium led by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and the Roskamp Institute has been selected for funding by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme for a large-scale European clinical trial on Nilvadipine, an Alzheimer's Disease drug developed at the Roskamp Institute. This grant of $8.4 million will allow more than 500 Alzheimer's patients across Europe to participate in the multicenter Phase III clinical trial designed to study the effectiveness of the drug on humans. This is but one aspect of the Institute's work that battles with the debilitating and deadly diseases that afflict so many Americans and others worldwide.

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The journey is what it's all about right now, and I believe the destination will be wonderful… We hope to get there first.”
- Robert Roskamp