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The Roskamp Institute Clinic

The Roskamp Institute Clinic offers comprehensive assessments including a thorough physical, neurological, and neuropsychological examination. Additional studies of brain imaging such as MRI, CT scan and/or PET scan, and a comprehensive laboratory blood work are also obtained. At the completion of the diagnostic evaluation, an interdisciplinary diagnostic meeting is conducted and a formal diagnosis is provided for each patient. A feedback session is then conducted with the patient and his/her family members. Treatment options, patient follow-up, long-term planning, patient and caregiver support, and community referral to relevant agencies are also provided.

As part of our dedication and service to the community of older adults who are at greatest risk for Alzheimer's disease we provide a complementary memory screen. Find out why a free memory screen is important and how it works.

Click for free memory screen information

The RIC works collaboratively with several area agencies to ensure that your loved one is provided the best care and services possible.


Deborah A. Burke, M.D.
Neurologist, Fellowship trained/Movement disorders

Michael Hoffmann, M.D, FCP (SA), FAAN, FAHA
Cognitive Neurologist

Andrew P. Keegan, M.D.

Cheryl Brandi, DNSc, ARNP, NP-C
Adult Nurse Practitioner

We are also more than happy to provide speakers on relevant topics.

For more appointments & information, contact:

Roskamp Institute Clinic
2040 Whitfield Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34243

Phone: 941-256-8019
Fax: 941-756-3681

Email: Roskamp Clinic

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"There are many causes of memory loss. Identifying the underlying cause is critical for appropriate patient care. To do that you need a consensus diagnosis from experts in diverse fields." - Dr. Michael Mullan